SQL Saturday 89 Pre-Con

Why am I attending Kevin Kline’s pre-con on “Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2” at SQL Saturday #89 in Atlanta on September 16th?  For starters I am a production DBA.  Sure I create SSRS reports and build ETL processes with SSIS and the like, but at the end of the day I am a production DBA and strive to make sure my databases are optimized and running the best they can.

By attending Kevin Kline’s pre-con I should be able to drastically improve my skillset on optimizing and tuning my systems.  This pre-con will cover things like Wait Stats, DMV’s, correlating Performance Monitor and Profiler, extended events, which benchmarks you should take to be able to determine future performance issues as well as best practices for preventative maintenance.  I am most certain that I will have a huge list of new things I will need to start doing when I return to the office.

A question I was asked recently by someone new into the database field was why should they put their money into a session being offered by Kevin Kline when they can attend the SQL Saturday for free.  First I pulled up Kevin’s website and let them read his bio.    http://kevinekline.com/Bio/  I then explained to them that I have personally heard Kevin speak at the PASS Summit as well as have watched numerous training videos that Kevin has done and really enjoy the presentation style.  I have heard Kevin cover topics from a beginner level to advance and haven’t had any trouble following along. Kevin has a way of making even the most complicated techniques seem simple.

I should point out that not only am I attending but also three other people from the company I work for are attending.  I encourage every production DBA or even Business Intelligence folks to attend if they want to know more about performance tuning SQL Server.

You can register here http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1796682927/efblike

At the same time if you are a Business Intelligence person and would like to learn more about data warehousing with SSIS then you are in luck, John Welch has a pre-con on that.  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1804919563/efblike

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