Preparing for #sqlsat81

SQL Saturday 81 is coming up this weekend in Birmingham AL.  This will be my 5th SQL Saturday to speak at.  So far I have spoken in Tampa FL, Columbia SC, Jacksonville FL and Pensacola FL.  I still get nervous getting up in front of some many people to speak, but at least I am more comfortable with my presentation titled “You Inherited a Database Now What”.  What is new for Birmingham is I submitted a new session titled “It’s TEMPDB Why Should You Care”.  I still am working out the kinks with this presentation.  You speakers know the drill, I have to put some slides together, build a demo, etc.  The good thing is that I already spend about 10 minutes or so talking about TEMPDB and its importance during my other presentation so this is really just an extension of it.

If you are going to be in the area, come check out one of my presentations.  Take a look at the current speakers at SQL Saturday 81  Make sure to register to attend the event.

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