Spoke at #sqlsat81

I presented two sessions this weekend in Birmingham AL at SQL Saturday 81.  I was in the first slot of the day with my “You Inherited a Database, Now What” session.  The room was pretty full so I was excited.  I had a great group that was very interactive.

My next session was brand new and titled, “It’s TEMPDB Why Should You Care”.  This room was the most packed out room I have had and it was a fairly large room.  I was nervous and had two friends in the room. They probably made me more nervous than the fact I was giving a brand new session.  I am interested to see my speaker evaluation forms from the session.  I had several good questions from people in the audience and at the end people came up to me telling me how much they enjoyed the content.

The planning and organization of Steel City SQL really paid off.  It didn’t look like they had any issues, if they did us speakers and folks in the audience never new.  Everything flowed really well.  I am not sure of the official count from the event but it looked like around 200 attendees.

Well done Birmingham, I hope you have me back next year!

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