I deem September 2011 – SQL Server Month

If you haven’t visited the SQL Saturday website you should take a look.  There are SEVEN events planned during September around the globe.

SQL Saturday 88, September 3rd, Western Cape South Africa
SQL Saturday 94,  September 10th, Salt Lake City UT – USA
SQL Saturday 95, September 17th, San Diego CA – USA
SQL Saturday 89, September 17th, Atlanta GA – USA
SQL Saturday 84, September 17th, Kalamazoo MI – USA
SQL Saturday 93, September 17th, Toronto ON –  Canada
SQL Saturday 85, September 24, Orlando FL – USA

I can’t recall seeing any other month with so many SQL Saturdays.  September 17th should be deemed National SQL Saturday Day with 4 being held in North America.  The popularity of SQL Saturday is amazing.  Speakers love to come out and educate, sponsors love to support the community while building a brand, volunteers love to give of their time helping their fellow SQL Server professional.  It is a win/win for everyone.

If you haven’t registered for one of these events, why not?  If you say because there hasn’t been one close enough to you to travel to, then plan one.  They are not to difficult to get off the ground.  Need help starting one up, drop me a line.  I will get you in touch with PASS and offer any advice I can give.  PASS HQ has been fantastic and letting me know what to expect with planning SQL Saturday 89 and I have an awesome crew of volunteers who are helping organize the event.  So don’t be afraid, plan a SQL Saturday in your area and help grow your local SQL Server community!

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  1. Robert Pearl says:

    I definitely “like” this! Wow! Seven SQLSaturdays in September! Can we say that 7x fast? 🙂 Luck #7 Good post!

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