When technology works.

Living in the South East has it perks with the abundant rivers, lakes, streams, mountains, and friendly people.  It also has some drawbacks like being within reach of tropical storms, hurricanes, and the abundance of tornados.  This Labor Day was quickly impacted by Tropical Storm Lee who came ashore early into the three day weekend.  At first I was excited that we would be getting some much-needed rain and that it was only a tropical storm.  What I didn’t realize is that even though this was a tropical storm it would still bring a mighty strong punch with dropping tornados with all the much needed rain.  We have only heard the severe weather alarms twice today as tornados were reported in a neighboring county and then ours, but a nasty third storm ripped through and took out our power.

This is where technology kicked in for my family.  I quickly grabbed my Iphone to check the weather and realize it was only a storm with no funnel clouds, I then reported the power outage on Georgia Power’s website, I then went into the garage and fired up the 7500K generator and hooked the refrigerator, LCD TV, DVD Player, and a lamp for bathroom.  Once we got a Disney movie going for the kids I grabbed my Mac Book Pro and Verizon card and jumped on the net to see how widely spread the power outage was and to reach out to family to see how everyone was doing.

Gotta love the modern age.  Luckily as I was typing this blog post the power came back on so we were only down about 1.5 hours.  Much less than my northern friends who were in the path of Irene.

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  1. James Thomas says:

    You have gotta love those Southern Storms!! Glad all is well. We had loads of fun in the North East with the Earthquake, then Irene with the flodding, now we are just waiting for the Locusts.. 😉

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