First Day of Summit

My first day in Seattle has ended.  My flight arrived around 12:30 and I was in good company with John Lang and Julie Smith on the same flight.  We rode the light rail into the city and got settled in.  Once I was checked in I strolled across the street to the Washington State Convention Center and registered for the Summit.

The registration process was very quick with only one hitch, they had ran out of bags so I have to revisit them today to get my bag.  It is very refreshing that the Summit has been in the same location for several years so I sorta know my way around the place.

Once I was registered I met up with Julie, John, and Arlene Gray for some Sushi and then headed down to Lowell’s for the meet and great with Andy Warren, Steve Jones, and nearly everyone else that is in Seattle for the Summit.  There was a massive turn out at Lowell’s.  It was nice meeting so many new people last night.  After Lowell’s some headed over to the Tap House, then the Sheraton lobby, and eventually to Bush Gardens.  Once I got back to the Sheraton I didn’t leave.  It was already past my bedtime.

Today has started out well with breakfast at the Top Pot with friends.

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