Summit Sessions Day Three

I started out day three after the keynote by attending Adam Machanic session on Query Tuning.  I must say that I will need to watch this session again once I can stream it.  There was way to much good information being given for me to remember it all and couldn’t take notes for fear of missing something.  Double edge sword I suppose.  Didn’t take notes but couldn’t remember everything I heard either.

Lunch was set up with birds of a feather style where you could sit at a table with industry experts.  Since I am in need of setting up PBM and CMS when I get back to the office I sat with Jorge and Colin.  Learned a few things as well as getting a full belly.

After lunch I dropped into Glenn Berry’s session on Scaling SQL Server.  Glenn presented some great information that all system admins and architects should also hear.

Next I went to John Sterrett’s session on CMS and PBM.  Combine that with attending Jorge’s session on PBM in a nutshell and I truly feel like I can get this PBM project underway when I get back to work on Monday.

All in all, Friday was a successful day for me to walk away with much more knowledge than I started with.


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