Idera ACE Program

On March 9th a tweet went out by David Fargo announcing the 2012 Idera ACE’s and my twitter handle was included in the list.  March 9th could also be deemed the day twitter blew up my iPhone.  The congratulations from the SQL Community was truly amazing.

The Idera ACE program is something that has interested me since Idera began the program.  Idera ACE’s are “Advisors & Community Educators for SQL Server” and Idera helps promote the ACE’s by sponsoring their travel to a number of SQL Server events.  You can read all about the program and meet your current ACE’s HERE.

Six of us were chosen from a great deal of applicants.  I can only imagine how difficult the selection process had to me and I count my blessings that my name got stuck to one of the other new ACE’s applications and got counted in the mix.  I am proud to be a part of the 2012 ACE program and join Jason Strate, Christina Leo, Jack Corbett, DB Argenis and Ben Nevarez.

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