I am a Linchpin Team Mate


Linchpin People, LLC is an organization led by Brian Moran and Andy Leonard with Mike Walsh and Robert Pearl as Partners.  For those who do not know about Linchpin, they are a technology company with a focus on the Microsoft Database stack on the front, but behind the scene they are about developing people.  The company values are called the Service 22:40 which is modeled after Matthew (22:37-40).  This is what some call the “Golden Rule”

This is where I fit in.  First I get to be mentored by these wonderful guys, but more importantly I get to keep giving back to the community in more ways.  I recently started a small consulting firm to be able to focus on helping small to mid size companies that need the expertise of a senior level database professional.  The focus of my company is to baseline the organization, standardize installations, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, high availability, tune and get the systems running like they should.  I train the accidental dba who is responsible for the environment and then hopefully land a maintenance contract with the company to do periodic health checks.

My primary responsibility will remain focused on the large corporation where I am currently employed.  Being a DBA typically means “Doing Business After-hours” and any contracts I get with Radney Consulting or affiliation with Linchpin will typically fall into a night and weekend endeavor.  I can’t go repartioning a disk, creating a bunch of indexes, reconfiguring tempdb, or rearranging data and log files during business hours on a production system now can I?

I am very excited to be joining my friends in helping them build a great company and having a far greater reach to enrich others lives by sharing my life lessons and SQL knowledge with others.

Linchpin People = “Changing one career at a time”

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4 Responses to I am a Linchpin Team Mate

  1. Stacia Misner says:

    Congratulations! It’s really great to see people I know are great individually become even greater as a team!

  2. Todd Everett says:

    Good luck Tim with your new endeavors – you will be filling a much needed niche in the market I’m sure. You are to be commended for working to both help others and further your career outside of the normal 9 to 5!

  3. David Taylor says:

    Great job, Tim! I have always known you were headed for the top!

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