It was time for an upgrade


I am not one of these anti PC sorta guys, but I do love my MacBook Pro.  I have owned a PC since 1993 when I got my Packard Bell 386 with Windows 3.1.  Even with my MacBook I have 9 Windows flavored VM’s on it.  To be honest, I have never had Windows run better than as a VM on my MacBook.  Due to having so many VM’s the 8 GB of ram I had just didn’t cut it on some occasions.

With wanting to dive more into Windows Failover Clustering and wanting to experiment more with SQL 2012 and “Always On” I knew I needed a bit more horsepower to do all the playing and studying I want “need” to do.  I posed the question to a superior and got the green light to make a modest increase in memory.  I can not wait to put this 16 GB of ram to the test.

Next I hope to get a Thunderbolt enclosure with an SSD to put a few VM’s on.

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  1. I might purchase a laptop in the coming months. I’ve been “curious” MacBook Pro. Aside from learning SQL Server, I also want to take on a hobby building stuff with Ruby on Rails (it’s not easy with Windows). Based from this post, it looks like I can do both SQL Server (VM’s) and RoR on one machine. Nice to note! But I think I’d just wait for Windows 8 and make my decision then.

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