SQL Saturday #167 – Columbus GA

The Columbus GA SQL Users Group will be hosting their first ever SQL Saturday on September 8th 2012 at Columbus State University.  We currently have 5 classrooms reserved and have the ability to add a couple more if needed.  Each room holds over 40 people so our current capacity is 200 attendees.

SQL Saturday’s are a free event for attendees.  Anyone can attend and get free Microsoft SQL Server training.  If our event is like all overs we will have a nice selection of sessions to pick from.  Topics of interest will include database administration, business intelligence, power shell and professional development.

I have been involved with helping to organize the last two SQL Saturday’s in Atlanta GA and have spoken at eleven SQL Saturday’s since Jan 2011.  I am hoping that through my involvement in other events that myself and my leadership team here in Columbus GA can pull of a very successful event for our local SQL Community and help grow the Columbus GA SQL Users Group.  Currently the only other event on this day is SQL Saturday #162 in Cambridge and a few friends have already submitted to that event.  If I had the funds I would be there too.  Would love to see my UK buddies.

Here’s to happy planning.

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2 Responses to SQL Saturday #167 – Columbus GA

  1. Tim, looking forward to it. I know you guys will do great, even if you let me speak 🙂

  2. Kendall Griffith says:

    Tim – This is SO FANTASTIC and I am really excited about this. Please let me know if there is any way that I can help. Thanks again for putting all this together.

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