Talent Shift

Today a friend Kevin Edward Kline announced he was joining SQL Sentry.  Last week Kevin announced his intent to leave Quest Software which he has been at for over 10 years.  Being part of the SQL Community for the past 4 years, Kevin has been a staple of Quest.  When I would see a logo or hear a mention of Quest I would think of Kevin.  There is sure to be a lot of change for Quest as they are being acquired by another company but reading Kevin’s blog post on why he is leaving, he sums it up in one word.  POTENTIAL.  He sees much more potential for his career with SQL Sentry and see’s how SQL Sentry is starting to make a big impact within the community with sales and support of their products.  I wish both SQL Sentry and Kevin all the best.  I am most glad that Kevin is staying within the SQL Community and that I will still see him out and about at SQL events.

Hey, maybe now I can get SQL Sentry to sponsor SQL Saturday Columbus and send Kevin.  🙂

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  1. kkline84 says:

    Chances on me speaking in Columbus someday are pretty good. Thanks for the kind words!

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