SSIS training for a cause

logoOn Thursday March 14th (PI Day) in Duluth GA, Audrey Hammonds and Julie Smith will put on a spectacular SSIS training event to benefit the Cloverleaf School of Atlanta.

Both Audrey and Julie are SQL Server MVP’s and have given a countless amount of their time to the SQL Server Community over the years. Visit their blog at They have spoken at events all over the country and always draw a crowd. I have had the privelage of working with them to plan SQL Saturday 89 and SQL Saturday 111 in Atlanta.

The day of training will be split into two parts.

Part I Dimensional Modeling with Audrey

  • Why Transactional databases are the way they are—Codd’s rules to live by
  • Why Codd’s rules don’t work for Reporting– Kimball’s rules to live by
  • Fun at the whiteboard converting a transactional model to a dimensional model.

Part II Extract Transform and Load using SSIS with Julie

  • A tour of SSIS
    Control Flow Basics
    Data Flow Basics
  • How to load Dimensions with SSIS
  • How to load Facts with SSIS
  • Why SSIS has got such a bad rap sometimes.
  • Frameworks
  • What happened and when
  • When things go wrong, how to know the details
  • Top quirks of SSIS—what, why, and how to get around them.

You don’t want to miss out on this training. Check out the event on Eventbrite. There is an earlybird rate so you don’t want to miss out. Don’t forget, the proceeds for this training go to a great cause.

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  1. Julie Smith says:

    Thanks Tim! Hope to see folks there on Pi day!

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