Speaking at PASS Summit 2013

PASS Summit 2013 will be my fifth Summit to attend.  I wrote a blog post about how different my fourth Summit experience as from the previous three. Summit 2012 was all about networking and offered my first experience to speak to a crowd.  Idera allowed me to present two sessions at their booth on backup and recovery as part of the ACE program.  This year I have a new opportunity as well.

I was chosen to give a lightning talk session.  PASS Summit 2013 I am attending as an official speaker.

summit2013This is a really cool opportunity.  I have submitted to speak the past two years and both years I got the dreadful “Max Sessions Allowed” for my topics.  Many friends encouraged me to submit a Lightning talk session so I did. Getting a coveted speaker slot at the Summit is hard due to the vast amount of awesome people who submit to speak. There isn’t a harder task in my opinion than the speaker selection for Summit.  If you have ever organized a popular SQL Saturday and had to deal with speaker selection, imagine that times 1000. Getting the email from PASS about a session being picked was awesome and humbling.

Gotta run, I need to start working on my demo’s.

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  1. Julie Smith says:

    Congrats Tim! Very very excited for you.

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