PASS Elections

I as well as many others have a decision to make on who I am voting for the PASS Board of Directors. I haven’t made my mind up completely for all the votes I get to cast but one vote for sure is for Allen Kinsel.

Why is my mind made up for Allen you may ask, well I have known Allen since I got involved with PASS many years ago. Allen has been there to help me with all the volunteer work I have done. Allen is an awesome role model for so many others when it comes to volunteering and helping PASS grow.

I value Allen’s goals and interest of PASS. I share many of the same beliefs that he has in the direction PASS needs to be going and growing.  A major focus of Allen’s is going to be in IT. As an organization for IT professionals, we need more of an investment in our own IT to promote our organization. There has been great strides in the past couple of years and we don’t need to lose that focus. Allen can make sure that we continue to move forward.

There are many other great candidates and I am looking forward to reading each and every profile. You can see Allen’s by <<clicking here>>


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  1. Allen Kinsel says:

    Thanks for the endorsement Tim, it is appreciated!

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