PASS Elections part two

Tim FordTim Ford - Photo - 2013 (3) is running for a seat on the PASS Board of Directors and has my vote. Yes I think we need to have a “TIM” on the Board of Directors. 🙂

I have known Tim for a few years now. We have attended numerous events together over the years and contributed to a number of panel discussions. I have always valued Tim’s opinions and found that we share many of the same views.

Tim has been involved in the SQL Community practically since its inception. Tim first began volunteering WAYYYY back in 2002. He has been around through some of the highs and the lows and is willing and desiring to jump back in and continue making a difference. I truly feel that with Tim’s history with PASS, he can bring a tremendous amount of value to our BOD.

Tim also founded SQL Cruise which has to be one of the coolest locations to get high end SQL training.

Take a few minutes and read all about Tim on his candidate profile page by <<CLICKING HERE>>

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2 Responses to PASS Elections part two

  1. Tim Ford says:

    Thanks Tim! So what you’re saying is it’s about TIMe to have TIM on the PASS Board of Directors?

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