Managing Geeks – A journey of leading by doing

I am proud to share that my good friend Andy Leonard has just released a new book. This is also the second book published by LinchpinPress.

Over the years Andy has blogged about his experiences with managing technical teams. Andy wrote over 50 post on the subject and has shared some excellent insight into his experiences. My only regret with reading this new book is that I didn’t read it years ago before stepping into managing my own set of geeks.

Our good friend Karen Forster was able to take all of Andy’s blog post and compile them into a flowing series and turn Andy’s random lessons into a fantastic work of art. I was honored to be able to work with Andy and Karen on getting this book to print and in doing so got a sneak peak before it was published. I was also able to recruit my brother Todd Radney of Yesterdays Photography to take the cover photo of this book as well.

Linchpin People will have 100 copies of this book available at their booth at the PASS Summit for Andy to hold a book signing. Make sure to find out the times so you can get a free copy, or if you can’t wait for Summit or will not be able to attend, pick up a copy now on Amazon.


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One Response to Managing Geeks – A journey of leading by doing

  1. Andy Leonard says:


    Thank you for your kind words, sir. I’m honored.

    Thank you also for all you did to bring this book – and Linchpin People Press – to fruition. Thanks to you, Karen, Ben McEwan (my management coach), Brian, and the poor souls who suffered through me learning to manage geeks; this book exists. I hope it serves those who read it well.


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