SQL Server 2014 Backup and Recovery

In early October my third book was published. I have been blessed to be able to work with Joes2Pros for my first two books, however Joes2Pros is focusing its time and energy into video content. When SQL 2014 was released and new features were added for backups, there was a need to revise my first book titled SQL Backup and Recovery.

In October a publishing arm of Linchpin People LLC was formed. Linchpin Press was birthed and I am happy to announce that the first book published was SQL Server 2014 Backup and Recovery. The book has been available on Amazon for a few weeks and there will be two book signings at the SQL PASS Summit next week in Seattle.  So if you are going to be at the PASS Summit, track us down and get a signed copy.

With my first book, my friend Rick Morelan gave me the opportunity to become a published author, then for my second book I was able to collaborate with Rick and Pinal Dave for a SQL 2012 Administration book. For this last project I was able to pay it forward and collaborate with my good friend John Sterrett. My friend John is a brilliant SQL Server guy, blogs a lot, speaks at events all over the place and had a great story to tell about how important knowing how to restore your databases can be.

In additional to collaborating with John on the book, we had the most awesome editor in the world. Karen Forster is a miracle worker. John and I both learned a great deal from Karen and she is fantastic to work with. Also my brother Todd Radney of Yesterdays Photography took the cover photo. It was very cool to be able to share this experience with my brother.

With that said, I am proud to introduce the very first Linchpin Press book.


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  1. Jason Carter says:

    Congrats, I’ll have to swing by and pickup a copy at Summit!

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