I am an accidental DBA.  Well sort of an accidental DBA.  I started messing with SQL Server back in version 6.5 with an imaging system when I worked for a Mortgage Company in 1998.  During that time we upgraded from 6.5 to 7.0.  Years later when I left the Mortgage company and joined the IT group of the financial holding company I upgraded it from 7.0 to SQL 2000.  My main role at the Mortgage company was Systems Administration work supporting desktops and their loan origination system. When I joined the IT group my role basically expanded as a Systems Admin supporting Novell, Windows, IIS, Citrix, SQL, and hundreds of COTS applications.  I continued in that role until 2008 when I made the change to full time DBA after several Sr DBA’s left the company opening up positions and a huge need for a DBA.  Oddly enough after joining the DBA team I had the honor of upgrading that original imaging database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008. In mid 2009 the Columbus GA SQL Users Group was formed and I started attending meetings.  I didn’t really fully understand what PASS was but knew the user group was a part of it.  On Oct 28th my boss told me I was attending the 2009 PASS Summit.  Attending the Summit in my opinion was really my introduction into PASS.  The Summit was very overwhelming with all the sessions and all the knowledge that was being sent my way.  I loved it.   During one of the sessions the speaker mentioned SQL Saturday’s, I did not know those existed.  That night I hit the website to learn more.  Over the next year I attended two SQL Saturdays and while attending my second PASS Summit in 2010 SQLJOE persuaded me to submit to Tampa.  That is when I got into speaking and just so happened that I also took over the Columbus GA SQL Users Group at the beginning of 2011.  At this point in my SQL Career you could say I am all in with PASS.  Don’t believe me, read all my blogs about it. As my career and community involvement continued, I ended up with my fantasy job, in Jan 2015 I joined SQLskills as a principal consultant.

On a personal side, I am one of those guys who can say that literally I married my best friend.  I met my wife at work and we became very good friends and joked that we were each others work spouse.  Finally the stars aligned and things worked out where we could finally tell each other how we had felt about one another for years and we fly off to Vegas and got married.  We have three kids now and they are all the love of my life.  I enjoy spending time with my family and just having good old fun.  My wife and I recently purchased a cabin on the lake so we have a new part time job of fixing it up.  Our kids will soon be creating a lifetime of memories on the lake fishing, skiing, boating, kayaking, and having good ole fun.  Daddy just hope he survives the renovations. You can find me on twitter You can find me on linkedin You can find me on facebook You can also find me contributing on SQL Server Central LEGAL DISCLAIMER – The opinions expressed on this site are those of me and not the financial company I work for.

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  1. jason says:


  2. Michael Voorhees says:

    Your power point presentation placed on SQL Saturday 30 Apr in Jacksonville, Fl does not work. If you are able to get it up and working would you please let me know if not would you please send me a copy to my e-mail address above.

    I really learned a lot, Thank you in advanced

    Sincerely, Michael Voorhees

    • Tim Radney says:

      You have to rename the .zip to .ppt. I didn’t upload it as zipped but the SQL Saturday website must rename it. In the future I will zip them before uploading. I am glad you enjoyed the session.

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